Informations personelles

Arnaud Grignard


Directeur de thèse : Dr. Alexis Drogoul

Sujet de Thèse : Intéraction homme/simulation Visualisation interactive et aide à la décision Co-Tutelle : France (UPMC) /Vietnam (VNU) EDITE : Ecole Doctorale Informatique, télécommunications et électronique


Publications :

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Communications :

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A-T. Cisse, A. Grignard "Modélisation des maladies à vecteurs : approche et visualisation multi-point de vue" in COMMISCO 2012.

Posters :

A.Grignard " Multi-Scale Agent Based Network" in Modélisons la compléxité, 2011

A. Grignard, A. Appolini, M. Malaterre, E. Boix. "Cosmo Complex System Modeling Platform. Epidemiology Multi-level approach", Poster in ECCS 2010.

Thesis subject

This thesis is part of the framework, relatively new, of the usage of complex and multi-scale models for environmental decisions support. It will be validated on two mains applications on which UMI 206 UMMISCO is already working on. The first one deal with the fight against the invasions of brown grasshoppers in the delta Mekong, the second on the assistance on conception of planning of territory policies introduced by climate change. This work will be done in partnership with different Vietnamese partners, among which, the Vietnam National University of Hanoi and the University of Can Tho with the DREAM team associated to the IRD. It will provide an active user/model interaction with a high interactivity. The model is then a support for a prospective reflexion where the human intervention in time and space(choice of facilities,anti-insect fight) is taken in account like all other dynamics(ecological, biological, physical, etc.). The issue is not to do prediction which is illusionary given the variability and the complexity of models but to enable the user to explore a set of possible ramifications from a set of well defined scenarios. Some of those ramifications can be obtained classically by application of stochastic models, other can be the result of a user intervention while the simulation is in progress.